Renovation works

We carry out external and internal finishing works. We renovate residential dwellings, educational institutions, hospitals, and commercial facilities; insulate foundations and walls; install ventilated facades; change and renovate wall and roof structures.

Ventilated facade

     Coatings of ventilated facades and walls were designed in order to protect buildings against diverse environmental factors, like water, wind, frost, or heat, and to maintain dry, aesthetically attractive building with good heat and sound insulation.
Ventilated façade may be installed for both new buildings and renovated ones, thus ensuring energy saving and durability of walls. Such facades characterise with natural ventilation, absorb sound, and provide high comfort level for facilities. In winter, special multi-layered structure with insulation material and air gap retain heat inside the building, insulate walls of the building thus protecting against the action of cold weather, while in summer, ventilated facades protect walls against the action of hot weather.
Coating of façade walls reflects part of sun radiation and heat. These characteristics of the ventilated façade allow a high reduction of energy costs and expenses for heating and air conditioning of the building.

Advantages of the ventilated facade:

high fire resistance;
protection of walls against direct atmospheric actions;
protection against moisture condensation in buildings (air gaps facilitate natural elimination of water vapours and moisture from facilities);
no risk of cracks in wall finishing;
durable external insulation material;
possibility to change separate tiles or panels;
resistance to graffiti;
easy installation irrespectively from weather conditions.

Daubed facade

Typically, 30 % of energy for heating or cooling of premises in a dwelling is wasted due to poorly insulated walls. Insulated and daubed external walls significantly reduce energy losses, create more comfortable living environment, and help to reduce expenses on heating.
Wide selection of insulation materials for daubed facade provides a possibility for the customer to choose in accordance with affordable price and necessary technical characteristics.
Insulated daubed façade is constructed of three main components: insulation material, fastening elements, and daub. Insulation material is attached by special glue and pins. Final surface, providing resistance to unfavourable weather conditions and aesthetics of façade, is a mixture of coloured daub.

Main types of insulation materials:
Polystyrene foam (EPS) – it is reliable insulation material and one of the most cost-efficient solutions.
Mineral wool – it is the best selection, if high fire resistance is required.
Insulation panel of PIR foam provides very good heat insulation and is light-weighted.
Insulated daubed facades – it is a good choice, in order to enhance energy efficiency of the building and property value.

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